Alltrade has roots in the energy market, a market which is continually advancing in technology to energize our world. We deliver sustainable and efficient energy solutions to build powerful projects, implementing best practices and innovation.

We execute construction services for our clients who generate power for distribution to our communities. We offer value at every phase of the project with a commitment to our client projects that are timely, cost-effective and will meet their reliability needs.

Our strength lies with our self-perform trades and our flexible construction delivery methods, providing construction management as well as subcontracting services. With the right combination of subcontractors and self-perform trades, Alltrade has the manpower and equipment to conduct site, civil, earthwork, concrete, structural steel and miscellaneous metals, electrical, equipment installation, centerline erection, mechanical piping and fabrication.

Renewable Energy

  • Solar (PV)
  • Wind
  • Hydro Electric
  • Waste to Energy & Biomass Plants
  • Energy Storage

Power Generation

  • Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Plants
  • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants
  • Fossil-fueled Thermal Plants
  • Cogeneration Plants
  • Material Handing and Fuel Handling Systems

Transmission & Distribution

  • Substation, Primary, Secondary and Protection & Control (P&C)
  • Towers and Lines
  • HVDC Inversion