Alltrade is a company founded on its core values – Integrity – Partnership – Empowerment. Our diverse and talented employees cultivate relationships with our clients by demonstrating our core values in everyday business. We are driven by our history of performance to provide value to our customers at every phase of the project.

Why Ethics Matter

At Alltrade, we believe our progress, success and legacy depend on our good name. An excellent reputation is a differentiating competitive advantage.

When people are surveyed about what they believe is the most important attribute of a company leader, honesty is overwhelmingly the number one trait. Integrity is a strong number two. Honesty has been defined as being truthful with others, integrity as being truthful with yourself. Honesty is the moral foundation of integrity. At Alltrade, we strongly believe that integrity is the bedrock of long-term success.

Customers are looking for people with character – character that enables them to differentiate between what is honest and dishonest.

There are many areas of business that involve ethical protocols and ethical behaviour including:

  • Compliance with laws
  • Confidentiality
  • Record management
  • Trade secrets
  • Accounting for funds
  • Professionalism
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Use of company assets, such as software, tools and equipment

Companies with good reputations do more than follow the law; they treat people and businesses fairly – whether the law requires it or not.

There are many benefits of strong ethics. When we operate ethically, we create an atmosphere of trust and increase collaboration – ultimately, leading to better projects and earning customer loyalty.

Firms that operate ethically are respected in the industry, which makes it easier to recruit and retain top talent. Good people attract other good people.

While ethics include the moral code we live by and our personal reputation, the fact is that respected ethics are good for business.