Alltrade is pleased to announce that it has achieved the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association’s (IHSA) CORTM Certification in Ontario.

Our team worked very hard, through an extensive audit, and I am proud that we have earned this certification on our first attempt,”said Bob Ritzmann, President of Alltrade.

Certification is awarded to companies that successfully implement a comprehensive health and safety management system to a standard worthy of COR TM from the IHSA, the authority for COR TM in Ontario, as recognized by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations.

Safety is our number one priority; it is fundamental to our values. Innovative solutions must always be safe ones. The commitment we make to our customers, employees, and community requires our activities to be safe and we believe that a safe workplace is the first step to a successful project.

Our commitment to safety starts at the top with executive leadership. Safety advocacy is demonstrated at all levels, working together to create optimal construction industry safety.

Alltrade’s construction safety philosophy, Zero Tolerance for Unsafe Acts and Conditions, is more than project-site discipline or safe business practices. It’s about in-depth planning to identify and eliminate or control hazards. Our clients are included in the entire process, following the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Roundtable analysis, which clearly demonstrates that an involved owner achieves better safety results.

Our everyday commitment to you –
Build It Safe, No Exceptions.

Continuous Improvement

Our leading-indicator tracking program identifies conditions or actions that may result in an incident. This is in addition to safety inspections our project superintendents are required to complete daily. The information is used to continually improve both project and safety program performance.

Everyone goes home to our families unharmed and proud of our accomplishments.

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Safety Manager
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“Our market-focused business units allow us to provide dedicated service and value to our customers, while our market diversity allows for varying project implementation.”