Specializing in machinery moving and equipment installations, Alltrade Millwrights and Ironworkers will apply precision and skill to provide high-performance solutions for your construction projects.

Ranging from industrial and process equipment to power generation technology, we can provide turnkey facility relocates, assemble complex conveyance systems or install a single piece of machinery. We can construct your energy project and help build your community infrastructure. Our commitment to providing value to our clients is demonstrated through the knowledge of our certified Millwrights and Ironworkers.

Lift it. Move it. Set it.

Millwrighting & Ironworking Services

  • Heavy Industrial Equipment
  • Installation of Manufacturing Equipment
  • Precision Setting, Alignment & Anchoring
  • Equipment Alignments
  • Rotating Equipment Specialists
  • Welding Services
  • Fabrication
  • Commissioning
  • Emergency Response
  • Loading & Offloading
  • Aerial Lifting
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs