Schaeffler Battery Energy Storage

This project was implemented by Schaeffler Canada as part of the Global adjustment (GA) reduction under the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) to curb peak energy demand.


Stratford, ON



Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) provides a strong incentive for large electricity consumers to shift their electricity consumption to off-peak hours to reduce their bills by about one-third. By reducing the province’s peak demand, ICI has the added benefit of deferring the need to build peaking generation.

Schaeffler Canada selected a Fluence Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for their manufacturing facility in Stratford, Ontario. The BESS system reduces electricity costs for Schaeffler while lowering demand on the province’s electrical grid during times of peak usage.

Alltrade’s scope of work included the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of the outdoor 4MW–8MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This behind the meter system includes the Fluence BESS technology with two 40’ battery containers and two 2MVA 27.6kV main power transformers.