Brooks II Solar

Brooks Solar II builds on the success of Brooks Solar, Western Canada’s first utility-scale solar project. The 27.5 MWAC/32.8 MWDC project spans 160 acres of land and has 2 - 25kV Fortis interconnections.


Brooks, AB



Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

While the first phase of the Brooks Solar project was constructed with fixed solar panels, the Brooks Solar II project utilizes single axis tracking (SAT) technology to track the sun’s movement from east to west for greater power output. In addition to tracking technology, Brooks Solar II uses bifacial modules which are also able to gather reflected solar energy from the backside of the panel, increasing efficiency especially during the winter months when the ground is covered with snow.

The 26.5MWAC/32.8MWDC Brooks II Solar project spans 187 acres of land and has two 25 kV Fortis interconnections. Alltrade constructed the Brooks II Project in a joint venture partnership with SkyFire Energy Inc.