Elmira Battery Energy Storage

The Elmira Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) represents Allttade’s first major BESS project, and its first BESS augmentation project.


Elmira, ON



Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

The Elmira, Ontario BESS project is located adjacent to Elmira’s Bio-En Power biogas plant, which transforms organic material—including green-bin waste collected by municipalities—into methane that is used to generate power. The byproduct of the process is an organic fertilizer which is sold to local farmers. The Elmira BESS project is designed to augment the operation of the plant by storing excess electricity generated for use during periods of peak demand.

Alltrade was the constructor for NextEra Energy’s Elmira 8 MWH Battery Energy Storage System, a Greenfield IESO 27.6kV grid connected 2MW – 8MWh BESS system. The project scope included installation of all civil, electrical, and high voltage, as well as commissioning support for this system. Alltrade was also selected as the EPC for the facility augmentation requirements in 2022.