Henvey Inlet Wind Substations

Henvey Inlet is the largest wind project in Ontario, and the largest First Nations wind energy partnership in Canada at 300MW, powering 100,000 Ontario homes.


French River, ON



General Contractor

Henvey Inlet First Nation, located approximately 90 km south of Sudbury, Ontario, sought to build a wind farm to harness clean energy on their traditional lands. Their vision was to own and operate a facility that would generate emissions-free energy for their own use and provide surplus energy to the province, creating a revenue stream for the future.

The project represents a thoughtful collaboration of all the parties involved, with special emphasis on an Environmental Stewardship Regime under the federal First Nations Land Management Act. The Henvey Inlet wind farm is the first project to adopt and implement such a regime, and will serve as a template for future First Nations directed energy projects. The facility expects to generate up to \$10 million in revenue every year for Henvey Inlet First Nation, with \$1 million in annual funding being directed to the Eastern Georgian Bay Initiative, a biodiversity effort developed by Henvey Inlet First Nation and Canada Wildlife Services (CWS).

Alltrade completed the electrical and civil installation for the two 230kV substations at the Henvey Inlet Wind project. The scope of work included overhead aluminum buss work, steel structury/gantry, Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) cable installation, equipment and switch setting and installation, protection and control (P&C) wiring, conduit installation, grounding, testing and commissioning support.