Justine Piticaru

Senior Manager, Corporate Services

During her high school senior year, Justine chose a co-op placement with a family-owned construction company where she received an early education in the business of building.

“As a co-op student, I didn’t just learn the basics of how a construction company operates,” Justine says. “I learned the importance of people. I was amazed by the genuine care and attention I received from the owners.”

Justine went to the University of Akron and then married, moving to Canada to start a family and a custom homebuilding company. Justine ran the books for the business, coordinated sub-contractors, and helped keep everything running smoothly on the jobsites—all while managing a growing family.

Shortly after Alltrade was incorporated, Justine was asked to help organize the financials for the new business on a temporary basis. What was supposed to be a part-time job quickly developed into a full-time position with a growing circle of responsibilities.

Building People

Justine’s role quickly grew to include other areas as Alltrade expanded, and she thrived with the additional responsibilities. She took charge of payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, and applied business compliance standards while learning the Canadian labour code along the way. Additional college courses and on-the-job training helped her meet these new challenges, and the excitement of building a team led to responsibilities in Human Resources as well.

Justine’s careful financial stewardship positioned Alltrade for dynamic growth. With preparation, intentionality, and a mindset of continuous improvement, she skillfully managed Alltrade’s cashflow while its revenues grew by four times in three years.

Keeping all of Alltrade’s corporate functions running smoothly and the team connected and engaged is Justine’s driving motivation. People are the reason behind everything she does, and she has made it her mission to build a corporate culture based on Alltrade’s core purpose and values.

Growing with Alltrade

From the very beginning of her time at Alltrade, Justine has reinvented herself and her role as the business has moved through its various stages of growth. She is a charter member of Alltrade’s Executive Leadership Team and was instrumental in the Barton Malow transition, while taking on the added responsibilities for field services, in-house corporate counsel, and marketing and communications.

Justine is a life-long learner with a desire to do things the best way possible. That has driven her to implement new financial systems, internal processes, and a number of Alltrade team member initiatives. To name a few, Justine revamped the orientation process, created the Take 30 team-building sessions, and launched the Development Initiative for Alltrade Leadership (DIAL).

Justine and her husband Vinny live in Cambridge, Ontario and have nine children, with five of her boys in the trades. Faith and family are central to her, and though the family has grown and now resides on both sides of the border, they all still come home for Justine’s signature family dinners and European-inspired desserts.