Nancy Surian

Project Controls + IT

One of eight children born to European immigrants, Nancy learned the value of hard work early in life. Her father was an entrepreneur and the whole family pitched in to help, whether in the shop or while renovating properties.

In school, Nancy excelled in mathematics and finance and her teachers encouraged her to pursue those disciplines. Her dependability and work ethic earned her a position in a law office where she learned the rudiments of contracts and negotiation.

During the early days of Alltrade, her ability with numbers and attention to detail resulted in an accounts payable position, but it wasn’t long before Nancy was given additional responsibilities in the growing business.

Learning and Leading

Nancy’s hard work and talents were quickly recognized, and soon she was handling accounts receivable, invoicing, and purchasing. Her thirst for knowledge and desire to do everything to the best of her ability led Nancy to add college courses to her natural business sense. Outstanding work supporting Alltrade’s energy sector was the precursor to overseeing Alltrade’s entire project portfolio as financial controller.

“I love embracing challenges, discovering insights, and developing strategy and processes with the team. Our goal is to always improve individually, corporately, and financially,” she says.

Data and analytics, bonding and insurance, risk, and subcontracts all became part of her growing leadership role. Her involvement in developing software solutions for data sharing and finance resulted in Nancy assuming the leadership of Alltrade’s Information Technology function.

Giving Back

As Nancy reflects on her career path and role in Alltrade’s Executive Leadership Team, those who have mentored her have left the most lasting impression. Her desire is to help others realize their full potential by giving them a hand up, as others encouraged and aided her.

One of Nancy’s proudest accomplishments was the creation of Alltrade’s Community Connection, a volunteer group of Alltrade team members whose mandate is to support local charities and encourage everyone to develop a spirit of intentional generosity.

“We all become our best by being willing to serve others,” she says. “Shared success is the sweetest kind, and knowing that you helped someone else be their best is a reward all its own.”

Nancy and her husband Doro share a passion for service and are active volunteers in their church and community. They love spending time with their children and enjoy travelling ,exploring new places together, adventure, and cooking.