Kevin Ritzmann

Senior Director, Energy

Kevin always knew that a career in the trades was for him. He took a high school co-op placement with a large industrial contractor at 17 and began his electrical apprenticeship right after graduation. He worked on various automotive, power generation, food and beverage, and industrial projects throughout Ontario.

His dedication, focus, and sense of responsibility earned him leadership opportunities very early in his career. Alltrade entrusted Kevin with the company’s first major project in Ottawa, and he never looked back.

“As a young guy, I remember leading my first large solar project. I was only 22, but I was responsible for managing the work of 25 electricians,” Kevin explains. “It was a huge learning experience, but I absolutely loved it.”

Within four years he was leading the team overseeing more than 300 electricians on a variety of renewable and industrial projects across the province and building relationships with new clients and owners. Kevin’s career at Alltrade was beginning to take him in a new direction.

Building the Business

As Alltrade grew, Kevin’s role rapidly expanded as well. He was setting up project teams, managing quality and estimating, developing new client relationships, and taking responsibility for new projects across multiple sectors from preconstruction through completion. Each new project was an opportunity to learn and network, and Kevin made his mark in the transit sector by establishing Alltrade as an industry leader in rail electrification systems.

Recognizing the importance of Canada’s growing renewable energy sector, Kevin helped position Alltrade for success by seeking new clients in Ontario and beyond. Kevin’s hands-on, in-person style of leadership and client relationship-building as well as the growing importance of the Western Canadian market led Kevin to relocate his family to Alberta in 2021. As a result of his efforts, Alltrade’s renewable energy construction projects now total over 1.5 gigawatts of solar, wind, and battery energy storage across Canada.

Keeping Promises

As Senior Director for Energy projects and a member of Alltrade’s Executive Leadership Team, Kevin sees his role as very straightforward. “My job is to deliver on the promises we make to our customers,” Kevin says. It’s exactly that kind of clarity that has positioned Alltrade as a leader with a growing list of delighted clients and owners.

Kevin is a Master Electrician in Ontario and Alberta certified in construction and maintenance. He is also a Director of the National Electrical Trade Council (NETCO), a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario’s (ECAO) Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC), and is a past founding Director of the Transit & Rail Association for Canadian Contractors, Maintainers, and Standards (TRACCS). In 2021 he was selected as a Top 40 Under 40 construction professional in Canadian construction by On-Site Magazine and Site Partners.

When away from work, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids camping, dirt biking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and traveling.